Moving Head – Beam ADJ Vizi 5RX

August 15, 2023 1:38 pm

The Vizi Beam 5RX Moving Head fixture features the revolutionary Philips® Platinum 5R lamp, motorized focus, locking power In/Out, frost filter, 8-facet prism and stepper motors for speed and accuracy.The ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX features a motorized focus and locking power In/Out connections for daisy chaining the power (not available on the previous Vizi Beam 5R). Other professional features include: Frost filter to turn the hard edge beam to a wash, 8-facet prism, stepper motors for quick, precise movement.The Vizi Beam 5RX Moving Head fixture is powered by the revolutionary Philips® Platinum 5R 189W discharge lamp technology (8000?K, 3,000 hr). The powerful Platinum 5R has an output comparable to a 575W fixture, with double the output of a 250W fixture. It also offers a flat, even spot field and even more saturation of colors. The Vizi Beam 5RX is much faster than previous ADJ moving heads because it is much lighter in weight and more compact than other moving heads in its class. It’s very tight, 5-degree beam with extreme light output makes it ideal for applications where a small beam is necessary.Protect your Vizi Beam 5RX moving heads with the DRC MHX road case.• 2 DMX Channel Modes: 16 or 19 DMX channels• Gobo scroll mode• LED DMX 4-Button menu system• 5-degree beam angle• Auto X-Y repositioning• 14 colors + white and Split Colors• 17 static, fixed gobos + spot• 8-facet Prism with macros• Gobo Shake effect• Independent gobo and color wheels• Pan: 540-degree• Tilt: 270-degree• Pan/Tilt Invert• Built-In Pan/Tilt Macros• 16-Bit Pan/Tilt Positioning• Motorized focus• Shutter: Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast• Mechanical Dimming: 0% – 100%• Strobe effect• Frost Filter• Stepper motors with micro stepping• Omega Quicklock Brackets included• DMX: 3-pin XLR In/Out• With Wired Digital Communication Network• Strobe Rate: 0.75-24.5HZ• DB Rating @ 1Meter: Front: 45; Back: 47; Left: 46; Right: 46; Top: 47• Light output: 770000 LUX @ 5M, 220000 LUX @ 10M (5-degree beam)• Locking Power In/Out to daisy chain power• Multi-voltage Operation: 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz• Power Cable Length: 1.5M (IEC)• Lamp: Philips® Platinum 5R 189W discharge, 8,000?K – 3,000 hr. long life • Dimensions (LxWxH): 394x325x522mm / 15.5” x 12.75” x 20.5”• Weight: 19 kg. / 42 lbs